AVID 12 Elective

Please check this page for updates to our class! We will have assignments, resources, in-class activities and homework listed here.

I will also occasionally post articles and other readings here, so if in doubt, check the wiki first!

All right, kiddos--this is it. SENIOR YEAR OF HIGH SCHOOL!
Classwork for the Day
Materials for Student Lessons:

Here is the lesson plan template:

Here is the full Senior Awards doc:

Here is the link for the Bank of America Internship program: www.bankofamerica.com/studentleaders.

Wednesday, November 15:

Project presentation due Tuesday 11/21
Monday, November 13:

Follow this link to a padlet page for a temperament survey and see the results here

We'll have a little conversation about this in reference to your career cluster, then you'll have time to finish working on your project
Trip to Rowan on Friday 11/17

Project presentations Tuesday 11/21
Monday, October 30:

Docs for today:

Friday, October 20:

It's real deal time--let's talk today about the REAL costs of college and then look at the specs for one of your schools.

Here is your doc for the day :)

Wednesday, September 13:

We're going to get into Naviance today and start the Common App process.

Go to the CCCC website and log into Naviance. Scroll down and open commonapp.org to create an account and start the application.

We are spending a big chunk of time on this today--your task is to make note of any information that you don't have already so you can continually update your profile.

Next step is to keep a running list of responsibilities, so please open and save this doc:

Class will wrap up with time to work on your vision boards.
Be researching and making decisions about which schools you like and want to apply to
Monday, September 11, 2017:

We're going to spend time working on your VISION BOARDS today.

But first--what is a vision board? We will have to read and mark-up an article to find out!

Here is the article:

After we figure out what a vision board is, we will get into making our own :)
Prep for October SATs

Check Naviance for activity

Be human

Bring in 2+ artifacts for your vision board

Please follow this link right now to take a quick survey

Friday June 9:

In case you need it again, here is your Summer Reading letter for next year:

Thursday, June 1:

We are going to start with some grammar practice today before applying it to your essays.

Please follow the link to start the online exercises:
Keep tweakingthose essays
Monday, May 7:

You need this doc for today! Please open it.

TRFs due for tutorology next class!
Tuesday, April 18:

College road trip presentations

The National College Fair is on Thursday, April 27 (yes, it is a B day). More info to follow.

If you're interested, here is a link to the colleges who will be attending the National College Fair (which is at the Meadowlands Expo Center in Secaucus):
Presentations are due if you have not done yours yet
Monday, April 3:

I'm baaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaack!

And your projects are due today :) :) :)
Hand in your field trip forms by Wednesday or you
cannot go on the trip this coming Friday

Next Tutorology is April 20!
DISREGARD ALL OF THE STUFF BELOW. It is from your previous years :)

Wednesday, May 3, 2016:

I'd like to use this article in class today, so please open and save it to GoodReader or GoodNotes.

Thanks :)
Resumes are due to Mr. Gambino on Friday!
Info for the PSAT:


Welcome back! I am super excited to see you all again and to meet our new AVID 10 family members!

I want to hear all about your summers and new happenings, but we also have some stuff to cover. See below!

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Get your course contract signed for next class, please!

FRESHMAN YEAR WIKI (disregard for your sophomore 2015-2016 year)
Classwork for the Day
Monday, April 13:

So, we have been working on this Success Project for the last month or so and the presentations are finally ready!

Please review these rubrics before class on Wednesday--this is how you will be graded :) :)

Presentations start on Wednesday, April 15!
Tuesday, February 24:

Ok, we are starting a blended class project today!

As an intro to collaborative projects on inspirational people, we are going to collectively view the film Jobs about Apple founder Steve Jobs.

While we watch the movie in class, you are responsible for completing a Dialectical Journal (don't worry--we're giving you paper copies).

Get inspired!
Keep up with Cornell notes in your academic classes
Friday, February 20:

Phew, these notebook checks are exhausting!

You are finishing your WOOP articles and posters today, then working in collaborative study groups to study for upcoming assessments and complete homework.

Be productive!
Last round of notebook checks next time
Wednesday, February 18:

I have four more people on my list for today.

While we conference, you are reading the article about "WOOP"-ing and applying it to your goal.

I also brought in some neon poster board so you can WOOP your goal in technicolor!
- Next round of people be ready with your notebooks!
Friday, February 13:

We are going to do some work with goals today!

Based on the academic class that you identified already, complete the goal worksheets to clarify what exactly needs work,

I will be conducting your preliminary binder org checks in the meantime.
- Next round of people be ready with your notebooks!
Wednesday, February 11:

Our last tutorology of the month is upon us.

Get ready for the tutors.
Bring in ALL of your five core content area notebooks/organization materials
Monday, February 9:

We have a list of things to do today:

- complete the Middle States survey

- write out the reflection to our Socratic seminar about handwritten vs typed notes (last page of your packet)

- start your writing portfolio!

I am going to start looking at your organization materials today.
Tutorology on Wednesday!
Thursday, February 5:

Tutorology day! :)
Bring in ALL of your five core content area notebooks/organization materials
Tuesday, February 3:

We are conducting a Socratic seminar today with Mrs. Lambiase's class!

We have an article to read about handwritten vs. typed notes, then we will answer a few Qs, make our OWN higher level Qs, then dissect and seminar with the other class :)
Tutorology on Thursday!
Friday, January 30:

After we do some marking period 2 grade reflecting, we are going to start our writing portfolios.

If we have time, we will start this article too:

Tutorology next Thursday!
Wednesday, January 28:

Ok, we have another abbreviated class today thanks to snow, but we're still working :)

We need to finish your reflection documents for the Philo Chairs, then I want to take some time to talk about your course selections for next year.

You can find the Program of Studies on the MTHS website, or here:
Program of Studies 2015-2016
Keep note-taking in class!
Monday, January 26:

We have a half day due to snow, but tutorology is still on!

Get ready to tutor
Bring in all of your Philo Chairs docs for next class
Thursday, January 22:

Today is our Philosophical Chairs day!

We will meet across the hall, lay some ground rules, then get to it!

At the end of the block, we will head back to our room to debrief :)
TRFs for Monday's tutorlogy
Tuesday, January 20:

We are going to continue with our PC prep work today--during last class we discussed some important ideas, read the article, and marked up the text.

Today will be a little more focused, so you will re-read the article and take Cornell Notes so you have a reference resource for the debate!
Write out the 2 paragraph response to this question:

Should or should not Ed receive the medical treatment?

Remember to use FIVE specific reasons in your response!
Thursday, January 15:

Exciting times today!

We are going to start the prep work for a blended class Philosophical Chairs for next Thursday's class!

To that end, we are reading this case study about medical treatment that will be the basis for our Philosophical Chairs discussion, and then marking the text and note-taking to be fully prepared.
Bring your marked up article to class
Tuesday, January 13:

I looked over the preliminary resumes that you built last class, and they need more attention.

We are going to spend today going through the parts of the resume again and focusing on the areas in which you need to most work.

I will hand out the rubric for review, then you are going to go to it!
Hand in those resumes!
Friday, January 9:

I want to have a little discussion about your writing process after you hand in your essays.

Then, Mr. Sutrisno is coming into our blended class to talk about Naviance--this is IMPORTANT stuff, so be sure to pay attention!

Our other goal for today is to start working on your resumes so that you have a head start for college and the workplace.
Don't forget about writing those Cornell notes in your classes
Wednesday, January 7:

Tutorology today!
Your mandala and essay are due on Friday!
Monday, January 5:

Ok, we are finishing those mandala essays today! We have the laptop cart and plenty of time to work through any issues you might have.

Both your colorful mandalas and your final draft of the essay will be due in class on FRIDAY JANUARY 9!
Tutorology next class! Complete your TRFs!
Final draft of the essay due on Friday!!
Monday, December 22:

Today we will spend time with our extended AVID family as we celebrate the end of 2014 and the shared holidays :)
No homework! Enjoy winter break!!
Thursday, December 18:

We have two goals in class today: peer edit and review the mandala essays, and plan the holiday party.

I want to review some MLA formatting and discuss writing tips, then we'll get started!
Holiday celebration next class
Tuesday, December 16:

We will have Mr. Sutrisno coming in today to talk about several important things, namely
  • GPA calculations
  • Naviance
Please have FIVE of your seven paragraphs for the autobiographical rough draft essay due for Thursday.
Friday, December 12:

We will have two things going in in class today:
  1. work on our mandala autobiographical essays
  2. take pictures for our someday scrapbook

Please make sure you are on track with all of this work!
Keep up on your Cornell notes for academic classes.
Wednesday, December 10:

Today is tutorology day!

Remember to stick to our tenets of tutorology, namely guiding our classmates with questions instead of outright telling answers.

We learn through the Socratic method :)
We are taking a class and individual photos on Friday, so do what you need to look the way you want to look for posterity!
Monday, December 8:

Today's class is blended with Mrs. Lambiase's so we can talk about goals and begin work on college research. This is just the start to our four year journey to college.
Tutorology next class--do your TRFS!
Thursday, December 4:

We are revisiting our mandala-based autobiographical essays today and will be doing some pre-writing work.

Here is a doc to help guide you along and plan as we write in class:
Keep thinking about your writing.
Tuesday, December 2:

I am out sick today, but we have very exciting and important guest speaker coming in: Mike Nichols!

Please remember to be on your best behavior and to be interesting audience members
Writing commences next class
Wednesday, November 26:

It's a half day before Thanksgiving!

We are celebrating today, but will continue work next week :)
Eat turkey!
Monday, November 24:

Tutorology today!

Remember to be an active and helpful participant :)
Bring in the celebrate stuff if you volunteered in class
Thursday, November 20:

We have a bunch of stuff to cover today in regards to your mandala essays!

First, we are going to review the rubric and discuss the ups and downs of writing.

Next, you are going to be assigned a sample essay to read with a small group and grade it on said rubric! Each group will present the assigned essay and explain WHY it was graded in such a way.

Finally, you will apply this all to your own writing as we pre-write/organize away!
Tutorology on Monday!

Get that TRF done :)
Tuesday, November 18:

Hello! I am not in school today (obviously).

Nevertheless, you have things to accomplish!

Please follow the directions below carefully.

You are going to complete learning logs for EACH of your academic classes and write reflections about them!

The substitute has the papers you need to complete for the day, and you MUST HAND THEM IN :)

When you finish, you may use the remaining time to work collaboratively or catch up on other school work. YOU MAY NOT PLAY GAMES ON YOUR iPAD. You are either getting help, being helped, or working.
Continue with your note-taking in academic classes
Friday, November 14:

It's "color your mandala in class" day!

We are going to spend time reviewing the symbols in your mandalas and then completing a rough and final draft of the picture itself.

Be sure to be on-task, complete, and colorful!
As usual, take your Cornell notes and be good :)
Wednesday, November 12:

Wow, it's been a whole week since we last met!

Now that we are getting into the second marking period of your freshman year, I want to do a little reflective writing in the form of a mandala and essay!

In class today, we are exploring the idea of the mandala, which is a circular drawing made up of symbols that help express the wholeness of a person.

After you create your mandala drawing, you will write an autobiographical essay explaining the symbols and their meaning in your life.
Complete a rough draft of your mandala (with color and detail, please!)
Wednesday, November 5:

Let's see those learning logs! I want to chat about them for a bit, then turn to our focus for class today.

We are going to start with some of those famous AVID reading strategies--mark the text, marginal notes, and summary!

Here is the article of focus--it's all about how 9th grade is the most important, so it's nice and relative for you :)

The directions for reading are attached to the article (but you are getting a paper copy of this):

Continue to take GOOD Cornell Notes in your content area classes
Monday, November 3:

Ok, we are going to pop some balloons today and then address a number of important things.

First, we have to discuss an upcoming video project for the AVID program--you are going to be the deciders and stars for this important promo piece and actually generate the questions that are going to be asked!

We are also going to talk a little more about Cornell Notes and learning logs--you are still not really clear on taking notes in Algebra and LAL, so maybe learning logs will help.
Continue to take GOOD Cornell Notes in your content area classes

Otherwise, complete one entry for EACH class in the learning log (for tomorrow A Day, and Wednesday B Day)
Thursday, October 30:

Mr. Sutrisno will be coming in today to talk about some guidance-related matters for half the block.

I will check the rest of people for organization and notes, and we will review some good examples of Cornell notes together to make sure that everything is good in that regard.

Review the Cornell process
Practice taking GOOD Cornell Notes in your four content area classes!
Tuesday, October 28:

Tutorology day!

I am checking the organization and notes of people while you're in tutorology.
If you didn't have your 4 core class notebooks/folders/binders today, BRING THEM ON THURSDAY.
Friday, October 24:

Organization time! You may work on one of the following:

- binders/folders
- class Qs
- CBB app
- make-up work
Tutorology next class!

Wednesday, October 22:
It's time for tutorology! There is a quiz in Biology tomorrow and lots of information for World History, so we have plenty to do.
Friday is an in-class organization day, so remember to bring in your needed materials.
Monday, October 20:

Today will be a continuation of the in-class project of the CBB app. We will be blending with Mrs. Lambiase's class again to work in strategic partners.

Like last class, we will have performance goals built into our project time, so get ready!
Tutorology next class.

Be sure to have your completed TRFs ready!
Thursday, October 16:

We are going to mix with Ms. Lambiase's class today to work on that CBB app.

Remember, this year-long project will allow you to have ALL of your notes in check for final exam time AND will serve as your binder for binder checks as we move through time.

We will continue with this work on Monday.

Make sure you bring your fully charged and functional iPad to class
Tuesday, October 14:

I want to spend today going through your progress reports with you.

While we are doing one-on-one conferences, you will be going through your notes and improving upon your level 2 and 3 questions in Cornell notes.

We will come together at the end of the block to talk through a few issues, then that's it.
You have a delayed opening on Wednesday, October 15.

Thursday, October 9:

Ok, we are going to do a little review on Cornell Notes, Costa's Levels of Qs, and strategies for note-taking today.

Please start by opening this document:

We are going to read through the "One-Two-Three Story Intellect" poem and identify some of the terminology to use for questioning.

Then we are going to focus on what the Cornell notes should include, such as abbreviations and quality study questions.

I have handouts of these for you, but here are the docs for electronic organization:
Our final big step today is to practice applying higher level Qs to a known story...Cinderella!
Bring in your language arts notebook for a CN check
Tuesday, October 7:

Tutorology today!

Make good three-column notes and remember to fix those things that need fixing!
Cornell notes in ALL classes
Friday, October 3:

It's our first 1/2 day together :)

We're going to put some flair on that focus word/class rules we developed last class, decide (finally!) on our first marking period goal, then pop some balloons.
TRFs for Tuesday's tutorology are due
Wednesday, October 1:

We made it to October!

Here is our plan for the day: we're going to start with some breathing exercises to center ourselves and take 5 minutes to talk about issues. From there, we have a quick write and activity set around establishing some norms for our classroom (don't worry--there are crayons involved). We are going to wrap up today with a decision on our class goal and then "pay it forward" for other students in the school for our first community-based project.
I want to look at your organization and notebooks/binders on Friday, so please bring in those materials
Monday, September 29:

Tutorology Day 2!

Today's focus will be the second session of tutorology for the year. Get ready to collaborate!
Continue to take Cornell notes in academic classes
Tuesday, September 23, 2014:

We have a number of things to cover today, namely re-working your last set of TRFs in anticipation for Monday's tutorology session and finalizing organization strategies.

We also are going to talk about some stress-relieving strategies and review the clubs/organizations
TRFs for Monday's tutorology are due (see 9/11 Homework column for the form)
Friday, September 19:

Our speaker series continues today with another former AVID student and your very own World History teacher.

Brianna is bringing us some insight into the first semester of college and Mr. Chanley is coming to discuss expectations and Cornell notes for his class.
Continue to take Cornell notes in academic classes
Wednesday, September 17:

There are two special speakers set up for today's class: two former AVID students and your guidance counselor Mr. Sutrisno.

Both have interesting and important information to share, so have your ears ready!
Continue to take Cornell notes in academic classes
Monday, September 15:

Today is our first tutorology day!

Remember, you responsibility it to be prepared, engaged, and reflective as you work through your own and others' academic questions.

It is our first time with the tutors, but there will be many more.
Continue to take Cornell notes in academic classes
Thursday, September 11:

We will be blending and flipping classes/classrooms with Mr. Allen and Mrs. Lambiase today.

Mr. Sutrisno will be coming by to do a super fun-time presentation and you need to get some information about TRFs to prepare for tutorology on Monday!
Complete your very first TRF form for the year.
Tutorology on Monday
Tuesday, September 9:

We need to spend some time with organization today.

I am going to look at your binders, folders, notebooks and everything else to get you organized.

We will also to start talking about a class goal!
Make sure you are writing down your homework in your homework area!
Friday, September 5:

Welcome to class! We are going to get acclimated to AVID, to each other, and to a new school year.
Here is your syllabus for the year:

You have a paper copy now, but it will be posted here for the duration so you can always access it :)
Have your course contract signed and ready to hand in

Also bring in ALL of your materials for your classes