Language Arts Literacy III--Block 3B

Please check this page for updates to our class! We will have assignments, resources, in-class activities and homework listed here.

I will also be posting articles and other readings here, so if in doubt, check the wiki first!

Thursday, June 8:

Presentation day! Each of the groups will organize for a few minutes then perform/share iMovie.

We need to talk about summer reading at the end of the block--the Summer Reading Letter is below for your reference

Prep for your finals ;)
Tuesday, June 6:

Last day of classwork for your exam project.

We need to talk about citations, then you are set free to continue working.

EACH group (regardless of presentation schedule) will be handing in their scripts on Thursday, so be ready!!

I need one copy printed from each group, please :)
Friday, June 2:

Do Now: kindly follow this link and fill out a survey for AP Psych

You are using class time today to continue working with your groups. Be sure that you start and add me to a collaborative Google doc.

I want to spend a little time reminding you what a script should LOOK like and how to create a template for your group then you can be set free!
Do whatever you need to do in order to have a successful presentation and script ready
Wednesday, May 31:

Ok, folks, we are starting your final exam projects today in class.

This project will take the remainder of our time together and will count as part of your final exam grade (which is 16% of your overall grade for the year, by the way).

You will be scored on a participation rubric for each of the class days, so be sure you are on task with your group and are using the given time wisely.

Here you go:

Work with your groups as needed or complete other work yourself to contribute to the project
Thursday, May 25:

We continue with the tragic hero today!

There are some notes to finish off then we will apply the TH stuff to Macbeth. You have a chart to complete for that exercise then I will give you some crayons so you can work in partners :)

Tuesday, May 23:

Hand in those packets to eBackpack! Then we have a quiz to celebrate the end of reading Macbeth :)

The rest of our class today will be about the tragic hero--I have some notes to give you then you will apply the concept to Macbeth!

Here are the docs you need for today:

Wednesday, May 17:

Today we finish the play!

We need to start with going over the Act V figurative language from last class (see doc below) then running through scenes iv-viii. There are a few key spots to stop, discuss, and closely read before we hit the end.

There is a KILLER fight scene at the end of the play (literally!) which I will definitely show on Friday if we do not get there today.
Finish up your WHOLE packet to be handed in Tuesday.

Quiz on Acts IV-V on Tuesday as well!
Monday, May 15:

We're going to go back to Lady M's scene from Act V, scene i, then keep going through a few scenes of Act V.

After we read the scenes we have some analysis of the quotes and language to get through, so please open the doc below:

Packet Qs are due Tuesday, 5/23 as your test grade
Thursday, May 11:

Let's begin today by recapping the witches from last time--what were those apparitions, again?

Then we'll watch the video clip of the witches before moving into IV.ii, which we will listen to on the audio (it's a doozy!) before wrapping up IV.iii by reading just the summary section of the text.

Then--Act V! I would like to get through as much of scene i today as we can. If we don't finish it, the scene any accompanying worksheet are homework.

THOSE OF YOU MAKING UP THE BLIND READ: all of Act V, scene i and the worksheet will be homework :)
Finish reading Act V, scene i and complete the worksheet.

Here is a PDF of Act V, scene i from the textbook so you can read at home:

Tuesday, May 9:

We're starting with your quiz! I will check your packet Qs while you're taking the quiz :)

We have just the summary sections of scenes v-vi to cover quickly before moving into Act IV. We get to see the witches again and will use this worksheet to help organize our understanding:

We'll round out the day with a video clip!
Test grade packet due Tuesday, May 23!
Friday, May 5:

Act III waits for no (wo)man! We have reading to complete.

We're going to go back to the 6th soliloquy (Macbeth's) in Act III, scene i before finishing scenes i and ii. Next step is to complete the matching sentiments on the III.i-ii Reading Sheets from last class--can you connect modern language to Shakespeare's?

Then we move onto scenes iii and iv--there is a LOT of fun stuff in here and we will be alternating between reading together, listening to audio, and maybe watching a few scenes.

We should finish the act today!
Packet check next class (all soliloquies should be done, as well as Qs through what we've read).

Quiz on Act III next class (Tuesday, May 9).
Wednesday, May 3:

Time for Act III! We're going to go through some key points from your reading last week, then move ahead into new(ish) territory.

We are going to use the document below as our reading guide for all of class today.

Act III brings Banquo back into the equation and there are some crazy shenanigans happening. All of this will be read, dissected, analyzed, and digested :)
You have two new soliloquies to enter into your packet chart and Qs to answer as well. There will be another packet check next week (probably).
Monday, May 1:

I'm sorry that I am not here again today, but civic duty is important too.

Your work for class today is simple. The sub will give you the assignment sheet below--all you need to do is go back in the text so far to pull quotes to support a characterization of either Macbeth or Lady Macbeth.

Please embed or blend the quotes as best you can into the paragraph itself so you have a cohesive discussion of the character. There is also space to devise a symbol to represent your character with a short explanation. Hand this in when you finish, please.


Once you finish this work, please write up a list of 3 very specific questions you still have regarding the reading from last class (Act II, scenes iii-iv) or Macbeth overall and hand them in. I will address the majors issues in class on Wednesday.

Thank you very much for your cooperation. Have a great day :)
Your packet should be complete through the end of Act II.

We are forging ahead to Act III when I see you next, so be ready :)
Thursday, April 27:

Here are your tasks for class today:

  1. Get a purple textbook and read Act II, scene iii. You may read in small groups (no larger than 3 people) or solo. You may also use headphones as long as you're on task. Answer your packet reading Qs as you go along.

  2. With about 30 minutes left in class, the substitute will hand out a reading assignment. This is independent work and will be collected to count as a quiz grade. Please put in your best effort.

  3. If there is any time left, you can start in on your homework (which shouldn't take that long, anyway). See the right column for details.

That's it! Remember to hand in your homework to eBackpack and have a nice weekend :)
Complete the II.iii Language Breakdown homework below


Thanks :)
Tuesday, April 25:

The murder!! We have to process D's murder and the aftermath today--this is where we see true colors of the characters coming through.

So let's start with a question: what might "sleep" be representative of? Think symbolically.

This Q will bring us into M and Lady M's reactions to the murder and a close read of Act II, scene ii.

If we have time, I have one final reading assignment for class--if not, we'll start with it next time.
Fix your packets to make them test-grade-worthy
Friday, April 21:

We have a very simple goal today--get through the first two scenes of Act II! This is the crux of the play where Macbeth and Lady Macbeth make the decisions that they will have to live with for the remainder of the play.

Macbeth has a very famous, very "visible" soliloquy then he and Lady M have an interesting conversation. We are going to read to the soliloquy and watch the clip, then you will practice closely reading and analyzing the text of the dagger soliloquy.

Packet check next week. Have through Act II, scene i complete and the first 4 soliloquies
Wednesday, April 19:

Welcome back!

We're starting today with a quick discussion of men and women (stereotypes, yes, but they have applicability to the text) followed by a run down of the first three soliloquies in the text. My goal is to get through the end of Act I today.

We will be working with our Macbeth packet again to guide our review, so be sure that you have it out.

If you need to work on your packet at home, you can use this full text PDF of the play:
Complete packet Qs through the end of Act I

Be up-to-date on this packet and be ready for a homework check at any time!
Thursday, April 6:

Congratulations! Now that PARCC is a distant memory, we can get back to the good stuff--Macbeth!

We are going to review Acts I-II of Macbeth today so we can jump back into Act III together after break.

Do Now: please get a purple textbook and view the picture on page 328. Then, please open and answer the question posted on this Padlet page. Be sure to label your response with your name.

After our introductory photo viewing, we are going to jump back into the text to review some of the basics of the play (characters, relationships, general plot, action, and movement of the play) through Act II and get your input throughout. You should be taking Cornell notes as part of this review!

Our review will be guided by this Macbeth packet--THIS WILL BE YOUR TEST GRADE FOR THE MACBETH UNIT! Please do not lose it and have it EVERY DAY in class. Thanks.

Finally, you will take some time to focus on some of the specific characters (Macbeth, Lady M, and Banquo) and the soliloquies.

Ready? Let's go.
No homework over break.

Be ready to dive into Act III when we return.
Tuesday, April 4:

Hello, and welcome to LAL III with Ms. Jodon! I am looking forward to finishing the year with you.

We are still in the midst of PARCC so I'd like to hear about what you have worked on so far this school year and to get a handle on your names. We'll get back to Macbeth on Thursday.

To that end, kindly fill out the Highs and Lows sheet below so I can get a sense of your successes and frustrations so far this year. I have paper copies for in class but please click here to open the document on Google Drive if you are not in school today.

After lunch, I thought we could begin your review of Shakespeare and Macbeth with a short video about his importance in our times. That will bridge us back into Macbeth for next class :)

Please know that I am here for you should you have any questions, issues, or concerns and that my goal is to help you close out your junior year of LAL as successfully as possible :)
None yet.

Be sure to go to the correct PARCC testing room through Wednesday of this week.